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 Digital Chiropractic X-Ray

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Why a Digital Chiropractic X-Ray System?

If you are just starting or maybe are winding down in your Chiropractic practice sometimes it is not always in the budget to spend $700-$1000 per month on a DR or Direct Digital X-Ray system. So many Chiropractors choose to look at a lower cost option such as a Add-on a CR Digital Xray Unit to your existing Chiropractic X-Ray System.

The Best Choice is a Chiropractic DR Digital X-Ray for your office. Take your office to the next level with a Chiropractic DR Upgrade.


Eliminate Maintenance associated with CR plates

3 years Warranty

Add on A CR Digital Chiropractic X-Ray Unit

Chiropractic DR Digital X-Ray

With a new Digital Chiropractic X-Ray Systems, you  can set aside the hassle of film, chemistry, and monthly maintenance without losing quality and results for your trusting patients. With a Digital Chiropractic X-Ray System you can free yourself up from the dark room of old and enjoy a new world of crystal clear images that are easily viewed, edited, and transferred without the physical space of standard x-ray films. A Digital Chiropractic X-Ray System saves you time, effort, and it can save you money down the road …

Why A Digital Chiropractic X-Ray System?

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